Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursdays

Unparalleled opportunities come from unparalleled generosity. Friends of UChicago go the extra mile every day to make sure our students can thrive and flourish. We are grateful for their support.

Thank you to Lionel and Charic Jellins for all that you do to build a strong UChicago community in Texas. By welcoming new College students from Houston into the UChicago family and helping the University develop exciting career opportunities for students in Texas, you are supporting our students all the way from matriculation to graduation. UChicago is deeply grateful for all of your efforts and looks forward to partnering with you in the coming year.

The Office of Enrollment & Student Advancement (ESA) is home to College Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Advancement. We work together to support UChicago students at every stage of their academic career, from the moment they begin their college application to the moment they begin their post-graduation career. Our goal is to bring the world’s most talented students to UChicago, provide them with the resources they need to take full advantage of everything the University has to offer, and guide them to meaningful and fulfilling post-graduation pursuits.

Lionel and Charic Jellins
Lionel and Charic Jellins, P'18
UChicago Parents

Houston, TX

Charic and Lionel are proud UChicago parents from Houston, TX.  They have played a key role in creating a thriving UChicago community both in Houston and in Texas as a whole.

Charic and Lionel are indispensable boosters and ambassadors for UChicago. For the past three years, they have volunteered to host a summer send-off reception in their home for new UChicago undergraduates and their families.  This past week, they joined their son, Daniel, S'18 and a Resident Advisor, as well as his 90 year old Grandmother Miriam Jellins, a Doctoral student at UChicago in the early 1970’s to talk about the UChicago experience from multiple viewpoints.  Through their generosity and hospitality, they have allowed Houston-area students to meet one another, make friends, and get excited about starting at UChicago.

In addition to welcoming students at the beginning of their UChicago experience, Charic and Lionel are also playing an important role in helping students find fulfilling post-graduation careers. They currently serve on the University’s Texas Career Advancement Regional Council, a group of alumni and parents dedicated to increasing job and internship opportunities in Texas for UChicago students. Charic and Lionel have introduced the University to organizations in their network, and they are also working with other Council members to plan a UChicago career “trek” to Houston for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Charic and Lionel, thank you for all that you do to support students at every stage of their UChicago journey. We look forward to working with you this year!