Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursdays

Unparalleled opportunities come from unparalleled generosity. Friends of UChicago go the extra mile every day to make sure our students can thrive and flourish. We are grateful for their support.

Thank you to Evan Xiao Han, AB’05, for all of your efforts to create new opportunities in China and Hong Kong for UChicago students. Through your participation in the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program and your service on the Greater China Career Advancement Regional Council, you have played a key role in the unprecedented number of meaningful career experiences available to students throughout Greater China. You have served as a friend, mentor, and advocate for many students, and we are deeply grateful for your commitment to their success.

The Office of Enrollment & Student Advancement (ESA) is home to College Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Advancement. We work together to support UChicago students at every stage of their academic career, from the moment they begin their college application to the moment they begin their post-graduation career. Our goal is to bring the world’s most talented students to UChicago, provide them with the resources they need to take full advantage of everything the University has to offer, and guide them to meaningful and fulfilling post-graduation pursuits.

Evan Xiao Han
Evan Xiao Han, AB'05
CFO, Lynk

Hong Kong

Part of a UChicago family that includes his father Shaoxu Han, Ph.D'97, and sister Sarah Han, AB'15, Evan Xiao Han is an alumnus who regularly goes the extra mile to support current students. After graduating from UChicago, Evan worked in three different countries as a financial services professional, first at JP Morgan and then at Citi. Evan eventually settled in Hong Kong, where he now serves as the CFO of Lynk, a start-up organization that connects people seeking insights, advice, and knowledge to the right experts.

For nearly a decade, Evan has supported UChicago students through the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program. He got involved with the program in 2008 as a volunteer application reviewer and provided students with feedback on their internship application materials for many years. He now hires UChicago interns at Lynk each year, where students have the opportunity to tackle hands-on, substantive projects that give them the skills and experience they need to thrive in a competitive job market.

In addition, Evan serves on UChicago’s Greater China Career Advancement Regional Council, a group of dedicated alumni and parents who are working to create new job and internship opportunities in China for UChicago students. Thanks to Evan and his fellow Council members, the number of internships in China has reached a record high of 100+ opportunities, and students have access to more opportunities than ever.

Evan, thank you for all that you do to help UChicago students find meaningful and fulfilling careers, and for all of your efforts to build a strong UChicago community in Greater China!