Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursdays

Unparalleled opportunities come from unparalleled generosity. Friends of UChicago go the extra mile every day to make sure our students can thrive and flourish. We are grateful for their support.

Thank you to Steve Miller, co-founder and president of Inquidia Consulting, for all that you do to provide meaningful career opportunities for UChicago students. For decades and with several different companies, you have hired UChicago students to support your cutting-edge work in analytics and data science. You are an invaluable partner to the University, and we look forward to helping you meet your recruiting needs for many years to come!

The Office of Enrollment & Student Advancement (ESA) is home to College Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Advancement. We work together to support UChicago students at every stage of their academic career, from the moment they begin their college application to the moment they begin their post-graduation career. Our goal is to bring the world’s most talented students to UChicago, provide them with the resources they need to take full advantage of everything the University has to offer, and guide them to meaningful and fulfilling post-graduation pursuits.

Week of February 23, 2017
Steve Miller
Steve Miller
Inquidia Consulting

Chicago, IL

Steve Miller is the co-founder and president of Inquidia Consulting, a firm in Chicago that provides professional services in analytics, data science, and business intelligence. Steve has been active in the field since his graduate studies in the 1970s. Before founding Inquidia, Steve served as executive vice president at Piocon Technologies, executive vice president at Braun Consulting, and senior principal for Oracle Consulting.

For much of his career, Steve has offered substantive entry-level positions at his companies for UChicago students. Steve’s hires have the opportunity to take on significant responsibilities. He values UChicago graduates’ data-driven attitude, their strong quantitative skills, and their commitment to backing up their claims with evidence. He has personally come to campus to conduct all initial interviews.

Steve’s efforts have led to a highly productive partnership with the University. Of his 25 staff members, 7 of them are UChicago alumni.  Inquidia is now entering its eighth recruiting season at UChicago, and he anticipates that the firm will hire even more UChicago graduates as it continues to grow.

Steve, thank you for all that you do to advance UChicago students’ careers, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you again this year!