Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursdays

Unparalleled opportunities come from unparalleled generosity. Friends of UChicago go the extra mile every day to make sure our students can thrive and flourish. We are grateful for their support.

Thank you to Myrtle Potter for all that you do to help UChicago students prepare for meaningful careers in health and medicine. You have changed the lives of so many students by sharing your time, resources, and expertise. Your own career also sets an excellent example for our students to aspire to. Thank you for all that you do to support students, especially your service on the Board of Trustees!

The Office of Enrollment & Student Advancement (ESA) is home to College Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Advancement. We work together to support UChicago students at every stage of their academic career, from the moment they begin their college application to the moment they begin their post-graduation career. Our goal is to bring the world’s most talented students to UChicago, provide them with the resources they need to take full advantage of everything the University has to offer, and guide them to meaningful and fulfilling post-graduation pursuits.

Week of March 23, 2017
Myrtle Potter
Myrtle Potter, AB'80, University Trustee
Founder and CEO, Myrtle Potter & Company

Atlanta, GA

Myrtle Potter is one of the nation’s most accomplished leaders in healthcare. She is the founder and CEO of Myrtle Potter & Company, a healthcare consulting and advisory firm. Prior to launching her own company, Myrtle held executive roles at several large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer healthcare firms, including Genentech, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and Merck. Myrtle is also an on air contributor to a number of CNBC programs. She is the co-author of Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts that Came Wrapped in Sandpaper, a collection of true stories of individuals who have overcome adversity and embraced its lessons.

Drawing on her experiences in the healthcare industry, Myrtle has helped many UChicago students launch careers in health and medicine through her support for the UChicago Careers in Health Professions (UCIHP) program. She sponsors the UCIHP Potter Fellows in Community & Social Medicine, a ten-week summer research program that provides students with a structured opportunity to investigate issues in community health, social sciences, and the social context of health and medicine. In addition to their research internships, Potter Fellows also participate in a weekly lecture and discussion series focused on topics of healthcare disparities, the economics of healthcare, and national and local healthcare policy. Thanks to Myrtle and other UCIHP supporters, UChicago students are accepted to medical school at rates more than double the national average. For example, this past year, 82% of UChicago applicants were accepted to medical school, compared to the national average of 39%.

Myrtle has also helped the University attract more talented students from all backgrounds. She has generously supported the Odyssey Scholarship, UChicago’s comprehensive set of resources for students with financial need. In addition, Myrtle has written letters to admitted students encouraging them to bring their talents to UChicago. She also serves as a booster and champion for the University through her service on the Board of Trustees.

Myrtle, thank you for all that you have given our students and for being an inspiring example for them to follow!