A Diverse Community

Multiculturalism is an integral part of daily life at the University of Chicago. Our community is composed of a rich mix of individuals who, with their own distinctive viewpoints, contribute to the intellectually challenging culture of the University through their academic pursuits as well as their extracurricular interests. This deeply rooted tradition of inclusion dates back to the University’s founding: when women predominantly worked in the home, and schools were largely segregated, the University opened its doors, blind to gender, race, and religion. Since its founding in 1890, UChicago has embraced diverse students and faculty, all of whom contribute to a stimulating culture of inquiry. By 1943, the University had awarded more PhDs to African Americans—45 in all—than any other university. By uniting diverse students and faculty for more than a century, UChicago has fostered one of the most unique—and decorated—intellectual communities in the world. A deep commitment to diversity is central to our mission of discovery. Explore diversity at UChicago.

Taking a cue from the University’s history, today’s leaders continually find ways to emphasize the mission of diversity in as many areas as possible. In 2003, the University of Chicago’s Provost’s Initiative on Minority Issues asserted, “We must be willing to hear from a variety of sources to determine if our research agendas and priorities suffer from unintended biases rather than reflect a proper estimation of the state of knowledge in our respective fields.” Not only are diverse viewpoints incorporated into the curriculum, but students can also take advantage of lectures, workshops, and research opportunities provided by the many research and scholarship centers on campus that explore issues of race and identity in a variety of contexts and disciplines.

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