Room Selection

The University of Chicago College faculty believe that Housing plays an important role in a student’s academic and social adjustment to the University. All first-year students are required to live in one of the Houses for their first academic year. Entering transfer students are welcome but not required to live in Housing.

Visit Housing and Residence Life for more detailed information

A mix of personalities & interests

Room assignments in the Houses are intentionally made so that each House includes a cross section of the University population with regard to students’ academic and extracurricular interests and home states and countries. In that respect, all Houses are similar. Still, Houses have their individual traditions, cultures, and personalities that carry through the years.

Consider your preferences

Students from every House will tell you the advantages of their particular community, from the type of building, location, and size to traditions and culture. Among the factors to consider when making your housing preferences are whether you prefer living alone or with a roommate, whether it is important that you and your roommate keep a similar schedule, and whether you prefer a roommate who’s generally neat or more carefree with their organization. Also, some students wish to live right on the main campus quadrangles, while others prefer a few minutes' separation.

Single-sex options

All of the Houses are co-ed; a few have single-sex floors. If it is important for you to live on an all-male or all-female floor, please make your preference very clear on your housing application.

Open Housing

The Houses at the University of Chicago offer a gender-neutral housing option, allowing increased choice in selecting roommates, regardless of gender, in order to respect and support the various needs of our students.

First-come, first-served

Students are placed into the housing assignment queue based on the date of payment of their enrollment deposit. The overwhelming majority of students find that they are happy in the House to which they are assigned. Those who are not may work with their Resident Heads and Housing and Residence Life staff to arrange to move during the room-change period after the Autumn Quarter has begun.