UCI: Journalism

Persuasive and accurate information plays a vital role in our increasingly interconnected world. Through the University of Chicago’s strong liberal arts curriculum, students pursue multiple, interdisciplinary realms of knowledge, even as they seek to become experts in specific areas of interest. Internships, fellowships, employment opportunities, and alumni networks take UChicago students across the country and around the globe, allowing them to grow outside the classroom and shape crucial dialogues in a wide variety of media.

More than 200 UChicago students are currently working toward careers in journalism, reflecting the belief that a liberal arts education remains the best preparation for jobs that require insightful writing and reporting. Information may be disseminated through magazines, newspapers, television, radio, the Internet, or new media, but it must be examined thoughtfully and arrived at through careful consideration.

Like UChicago’s undergraduates, great journalists don’t settle for easy answers. Journalists explain complicated stories and situations, giving them context and putting them into perspective—and often in times that require urgent action. To expose lies, explain dangers, and inform the readers, journalists must fall back on their broad knowledge base and their research skills, especially when approaching new topics.

For decades, the University of Chicago has provided tremendous preparation for students seeking to become influential journalists. Since its founding, the College has produced some of the most innovative and incisive leaders in the field.

UChicago Careers in Journalism (PDF)
UChicago Careers in Journalism