Academics: Research

Original research drives the mission of UChicago, and College students have ample opportunities to participate in exciting discoveries.

Opportunities abound

Students have access to over 140 research centers and laboratories, (including two national laboratories—Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilaband the Marine Biological Laboratory), six libraries within the University of Chicago Library system with over 11 million volumes, three museums (including the Oriental Institute), and dozens of opportunities for study abroad, mentoring, advising, and other support. The University receives over $450 million in sponsored research awards annually and has filed thousands of patents in the past few decades. Undergraduates are invited to take part in these projects through classes, workshops, research opportunities, and internships.

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Resources for research

Because there are more research positions than there are students to fill them, the problem is often how to narrow down opportunities rather than how to find them. “Research assistant needed” is a common sight on department bulletin boards. More than two dozen departments provide research grants for undergraduates. The College encourages faculty and student collaboration through hundreds of fellowships, research opportunities, and grants every year. Funding for research is also available through such avenues as the Summer International Travel Grants.