Academic Advising and Support

Academic advisers

The University of Chicago is recognized for our unique approach to advising students. When a student matriculates, he or she is assigned a full-time academic adviser from the staff of the Dean of Students who advises the student all four years. The adviser helps with academic planning, postgraduate plans, and personal, financial, or academic problems.

When a student declares a major, he or she will be assigned a second academic adviser from the department. This adviser will offer more specialized guidance on meeting the major’s requirements and research opportunities, and might advise the student on his or her BA paper.

Specialized advising

In addition to the student’s academic and departmental advisers, there are specific advisers for preparing for graduate school and the professions through the UChicago Careers In programs.

Students should begin meeting with these advisers as soon as they can, and certainly as soon as they become interested in pursuing a graduate degree. Advising is available to alumni as well.

Advising for study abroad links students with available programs inside and outside the University, sources of funding, and travel advice.


Faculty, alumni, students, and staff serve as mentors to students in the College both through formal mentor-mentee matching programs and informal relationships. Designated mentoring programs include the LGBTQ Mentoring Program, the Collegiate Mentoring Program, and Chicago Multicultural Connection. Students can also build relationships with alumni through the Office of Career Advancement, the Alumni Career Network (ACN), and by reaching out through networking events throughout the year. Students have many opportunities to build relationships with faculty, through classes, office hours, department-sponsored lectures and events, and faculty roundtables.


Academic support for students is available through the free Core Tutoring Program, the Student Counseling and Resource Service (SCRS), and the student’s adviser and housing staff.

For students with learning differences or ADD/ADHD, the Academic Skills Assessment Program provides coaching and support. Students with disabilities who want to request accommodation should contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities in the Campus and Student Life office. Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis and tailored to the student’s individual needs.